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Do Plantation
Dedicate a plant to your dearest One

For empowering the environment and society.   The Do plantation campaign is creating awareness. Jungle is one of the main factors for clean and pure environment for the inhabitants. Forests are a natural way to purify the atmosphere and make it healthy for living species. Plants are the products that can reduce the alarming percentage of harmful gases in the environment. There is a need to educate the community & students about the importance of the plantation.

Every body can dedicate a plant to his or her dearest one. It helps to grow the environment. And by proudly saying that I have done something for environment, makes aware other people about the importance of plants and to reduce pollution in the environment.


  • To create awareness among community and students, colleges and worldwide.
  • To impart technical / extension know how to the people about plantation
  • To enhance the beauty of the earth
  • To reduce the percentage of pollution in the environment
  • We adopt the following steps to plant the trees:

  • Place will be selected within the target areas.
  • Meeting with the executive body/ management of school and arrange an    activity.
  • Awareness seminar where agricultural and environmental scientists, and other experts on pollution will facilitate and highlight hazards of pollution and importance of plantation.

  • Responsible next genartion
  • Integration among the people
  • Awareness among the students and community about he pollution hazards
  • Enhancement of beauty in the environment
  • Environment will be clean
  • Community would be healthy
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