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Play for earth, make healthy green world

Sport and environment are connected with each other.Green sports' with closeness to nature motivate and inspire. Sports have been instrumental in peoples' mastery of nature and the environment. Green sports can teach us a great deal about social changes. A healthy environment is necessary for healthy sport. Sports promote the integration of environmental considerations. Environment seems to involve basic human skills being developed and exercised for their own sake, in parallel with being exercised for their usefulness. It also shows how society has changed its beliefs. Sports too have an impact on the environment. The popularity of sports in terms of environmental awareness enhances respect for the environment among the general public, especially children and young people. Also, sports help us keep fit. So play for the earth.

Green Sport's aim is to deliver greener environment through sport and play. Everybody should play a green sport and dedicate a plant to dearest one. It helps in to creating the environmental awareness among the next generation.

• To create awareness among community and sports persons.
• To reduce the level of pollution in the environment.
• To enhance the beauty of the earth.
• Make world more green.

• Integration among the people.
• Awareness and importance of plantation.
• Everybody is contributing through sports.
• Enhancement of beauty in the environment
• Health hazards would be minimized
• Environment will be clean

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